Dynamics 365 for non-profit organisations

Easy to use fundraising, transaction and document management

Cognate has developed two bespoke Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for leading South African non-profit organisations 1.) Fundraising, donation management and document distribution and 2.) Request and claim workflow processing against Financial project cost centres.

Fundraising, donations management and document distribution

A leading South African non-profit organisation engaged with Cognate to replace and improve their existing donor management solution. The Dynamics 365 solution includes:

  • Recording donor transactions from multiple sales channels.
  • Automatic creation and distribution of Thank you, Section 18A, Black Employment Equity (BEE) documents in multiple languages via email and print mediums.
  • Print and E-mail campaign fundraising.
  • Visual Reporting and Analytics of donations, campaigns and stakeholder segments.
  • Migration and integration of data from multiple sources.

Request and claim workflow processing against Financial project cost centres

To ensure accurate allocation of international donor funds, a leading palliative care organisation uses Microsoft Dynamic 365, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to approve/reject employee requests and claims. The auditing and traceability of donor spend ensure the donor confidence in the allocations of funds, and ultimately the longevity of the donor relationship. The solution includes some of the following key features and benefits.

  • Key donor / supplier master data, general ledger budgets and NAV dimensions are integrated into Dynamics 365. Requests and claims are processed using accounting dimensions.
  • Custom Dynamics 365 dialogue and workflow processes are used to route requests and claims to multiple project members. Project budgets linked to general ledger accounts are used to manage project spend.
  • Approval and rejection history is recorded and reported.
  • Microsoft online SharePoint document management is used to store documents related to requests and claims.