Can you remember your last customer interaction?

Happy customers feel acknowledged.

Common Challenges

I can’t find where my team recorded our customer details and engagements.

Do you have a single view on how you engage with your customers.

My customers are not responding to marketing messages.

Business and Technology departments often talk different languages.

When my people leave the company, what they know about the customer leaves with them.

Your team feels threatened by being asked to use an application to record their value.

How Can We Help?

Add features to your existing Microsoft 365 product stack and provide the tools your
teams need to succeed.

Microsoft Dynamics
365 Apps

Benefit from our experience and quickly set up and configure new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales / Customer Service tenants or add to your existing Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Consulting Services

Our experienced based professional consulting services will ensure your applications are tailored to your unique way of working and easy to use.

Data Management

We know how difficult it is to integrate with other solutions as well as migrate and integrate your company data.
We use standard Microsoft and third-party integration tool sets like Kingswaysoft.

Our Approach



Understand how you want to bring value and engage with your customers.



Define the gap between where you are and where you want to be, then design a solution and approach that meets your needs.



Setup the application and train your team on how to use it.



Build a long term mutually beneficial relationship.


About Cognate

We are a Microsoft Business Partner with certified, expert skills in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Our services include Consulting, Design and Deployments that pertain mainly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM).

To bring measurable value, we pride ourselves in successfully being able to communicate on the bridge between business and technology.