• Design and Setup

    Cognate is a Microsoft business partner with a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals specialising in Customer Relationship Management. We pride ourselves is successfully being able to communicate on the bridge between business and technology.

    Our services include consulting, design and deployments that pertain mainly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM).

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  • Customer Engagement

    Modern organisations engaging on digital transformation understand the importance of having an integrated solution addressing the mobile needs for Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Social Listening and Service Management.
    With Microsoft online and office based on-premise offerings, design and setup of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be as quick as a day.

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 

  • System Integration

    Customer details and transactional data often resides in existing financial and operational systems. To provide a single view of your customer, data from these systems needs to be integrated. The day-to-day data management is easily accomplished using standard office software products to export, clean and import data. For more complex big data migration or automation, Cognate has chosen the Kingswaysoft Dynamics Connector.

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